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Manage Tools

Manage Tools


Manage Tools is a software system for improving business performance.
Business efficiency is increased by appling an agile organizational culture.
The program sapports the implementation of agile organization.
Implementing Manage Tools directly affects profit increase and employee satisfaction.

Manage Konsalting



Manage provides consulting services to companies that are planning to implement Manage Tools. Manage provides support in the process of establishing planning process and establishing risk measuring process, as well as setting performance models.

Manage Seminari

Current Seminars

Manage organises both open seminars and training programmes tailored exclusively for your employees.
Our training programmes can be adjusted to any industry and our trainings to any participant.

What users receive and how

Profit increase

Manage Tools provides discipline necessary for achieving goals and increasing profit. And profit is one of the main company goals.

Reducing employee turnover

Principles of equity, fairness and efficiency built in the pay model promote creating value and reduce employee turnover.

Reducing business costs

Cost planning and principle of effectiveness built in the pay model affect cost reduction.

Increasing job motivation at the workplace

Efficiency models regulate employee task assignments and manage their workload. Comparing the planned and executed workload inspires motivation and creates energy for goal accomplishment. Pay models which promote equity and fairness and which can be easily understood generate the necessary motivation in workers.


Manage Tools iz a controlling tool.

The program automatically provides reports about risks,  productivity, efficiency, cost at all levels of the organization.

Summarising and displaying data

Manage Tools generates and displays information necessary for making effective and timely management decisions.

Manage Tools displays key management parameters for every sector and the congruity between them and the established objectives. It displays all relevant data about sales, production, logistics, stock, costs and  debts in a single consolidated review. It significantly reduces the time necessary for preparing reports and gives more time for improving business efficiency.

Manage Tools prepares and presents information to middle and top management, internal control and HR and they use it as a valuable business tool.

Unique solution for efficiency improvement model

We develop customised solutions of efficiency improvement model and performance model  which meet the specific needs of every company.
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