About Manage

All-encompassing client support

Manage clients receive more than an information technology tool.

Information about improvement of  business management efficiency is accumulated in Manage Tools programme and through its implementation, consulting services and trainings we distribute and transfer knowledge to organisations which can benefit from it.

What distinguishes us is an excellent understanding of our clients’needs and objectives and focusing on improvement of  business efficiency.

Manage has a significant experience in connecting operational business processes and information technology and it is a characteristic which enables Manage to provide its clients with all-encompassing support.

Unique solution for every business system

Performance models and pay models are not uniformed but carefully adjusted to the concrete needs of a business organisation. Trainings are tailored to the needs of employees.

Since no two business systems are the same, there are no two efficiency models or pay models that are the same.

Our task is to integrate existing remuneration model, new requirements for business process improvement and principles of fairness and equity into a unique solution for our clients.

After many years of scientific research and work on a large number of different projects, Manage has acquired knowledgde that can be implemented in companies specialising in manufacturing, trade and providing services.

Service payment made easier

Payment is made in stages – the payment of an agreed amount is made when an agreed stage of the project has been completed. All stages have clearly defined objectives, results and deadlines.

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