Program maintenance

Program maintenance

Manage provides its clients with technical system maintenenance and knowledgde that is needed for improvement of performance and remuneration models.

Clients are offerred 24/7 technical support.

Our clients, apart from receiving help with their queries, have the opportunity to take part in the work of the development team so that our engineers could adjust the solutions to their needs.

Adjusting performance and remuneration models

Solutions that we have developed over the course of years is the property of the Manage company. Manage conducts scientific research in the field of managing strategic goals and variable remuneration and it is the differentiating quality that sets our business apart from other companies on the market.

Extensive expertise, many years of experience, and product excellence give us the opportunity to easily and swiftly adjust new solutions to users’ needs.

Support for added value incentive

Besides remuneration model which promotes employee motivation, Manage supports efficiency improvement through trainings in the fields of manufacturing management, logistics, supply, retail, internal control.

Manage Tools / Consulting / Training users