Upgrade and application  performance-related pay model



This seminar is for all of you who plan to implement the system of performance measurement and improvement.

Why to take time out of your busy schedules and attend this seminar?

Because the implementation of performance measurement and performance-related pay model yields return on investment after one month.

Return on investment is generated through:

        Increased revenue in a company

        Increased employee work performance

        Increased employee agility

       Setting up a stable system for performance measurement and performance improvement

What is the current situation in the field?

Factual state shows that there is no performance measurement in companies. It is not clearly defined how much employees should work in order to earn contract remuneration.

There are companies that implement performance measurement, but it is done only for some of work tasks and only at certain positions. Partial implementation of variable remuneration yields partial results.

This seminar focuses on implementation of variable remuneration throughout the company. The implementation directly affects turnover increase and reduction of business operation costs.

Seminar topics

           Establishing connection between company interests and employee interests

           Building incentive plan for achieving and overachieving objectives in every company key task

           Performance measurement for positions in middle management, legal department, HR, accounting, wholesale, retail and production departments

           Defining conditions for performance management by management, and personal performance management by employees

           Performance evaluation

           Performance-related pay

           Using modern tools as a support for the performance measurement and variable remuneration system

About us

Manage hrs d.o.o. is a company specialized in business process improvement through implementation of performance-related pay model by using Manage Tools BIS.

Manage provides trainings, consulting services and Business Information System for its clients.

Our lecturers have worked on a large number of different projects and they have extensive experience which can be applied in any field.