Manage Tools BIS is a tool for corporate goals management and performance –related pay in medium-sized and large companies that specialize in manufacturing, trade and providing services.

Manage Tools automatizes the following:

·        Implementing performance-related pay model

·        Allingning of employee work and company goals

·        Providing data managing work performance in production, sales, supply, retail,

         accounting, logistics

·        Planning business operations and managing objectives

Using Manage Tools BIS provides additional structure and discipline in achieving corporate goals.

Manage Tools supports transformation of different corporate data into information and knowledge, helps communicate information about performance, and it enables metric evaluation and action planning. It is designed to support management to enhance work based on measured performance.

In short, Manage Tools BIS helps users make better decisions because it provides quick access to current data on performance.

Manage Tools also supports performance management model.

The Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Serbia rated Manage Tools BIS as an innovative and unique solution.