Manage Tools is a useful tool for management of corporation goals and giving salary according to what you have achieved  in commercial, production and service companies.

Manage Tools is useful for:

                       Measurement of efficiency

                       Planning range and quality of work,

                       Planning  number of executors,


                       Giving salary according to what you have achieved,

                       Making evidence about employees according to the law.

Usage of Manage Tools is adding structure to company and bring into  work discipline towards corporation goals.

Manage Tools supports data communication about efficiency of work.

Manage Tools is helping their users to make decision, by giving them prompt access to current data about effectiveness of company and their parts as well.

Manage offers making new functions of software and upgrading already existing ones, everything in agreement with development of company.

Users are buying Manage Tools for unlimited time, or they can rent it yearly or monthly.

Ministry of science and technology of Serbia appraised Manage Tools as innovative and unique solution on the market of Serbia.