1. Preparation - it consists of preparing business system for operating in accordance with
    corporate goals

2. Implementation process using Manage Tools Business Information System

Preparing your company for the system implementation starts with identifying company key tasks for every position and organisational unit. At the same time, the effectiveness of organisational structure model is questioned ond  confirmed.

The next step is setting criteria  and quantifiable indicators for both quality and quantity for measuring business success.

In the next stage, plans are set up for key tasks.Company key tasks are identified on the basis of annual business plan using Balanced Scorecard system. Put simply, company's business goals are broken down into key tasks plans.

During the planning process, managers have to fulfill an essential condition – to assume responsibility for achieving work performance of subordinate employees.
Due to the lack of an adequate methodology for performance measurement in our region in the previous period, many managers been led to believe that corporate objectives cannot be met.[1]
In order to change management thinking, it is necessary to provide support to managers.
Our consultants work with management teams and we help them by asking right questions and if necessary, challenge them on their responses. Through this process, management teams are able to clarify their vision, concentrate on core issues, and make decisions about planning operational tasks. At the same time, we help them understand the importance of assuming responsibility for work performance on all levels  within their organizations.
Asking right questions is a valuable tool which helps managers check if both they and their employees have fully adopted organisational objectives. In that way,they can define what steps need to be taken and what adjustments need to be made to employess' work  to achieve desired performance levels.

Every company defines its own rewarding model in accordance with the Labour Law and company's own pay models. Every company builds an effective incentive plan that connects results and remuneration.

Manage trains both executive management for delegating, improving and evaluating work performance, and top management for managing business goals.

In the process, management teams become fully aware of the need to assume responsibility for the performance of subordinate employees.

During the pilot project, it is necessary that the company, in accordance with the Labour Law, sign Annexes to Employment Contracts. The Annexes should clearly state key tasks of every employee, criteria for measuring results, and guaranteed salary for achievement of corporate objectives.

In the next stage, the performance-related pay system is implemented by using Manage Tools BIS.

No matter what size your business is, we can help you develop effective strategic plans on all levels of organisation and start promptly with the process of performance measurement.


[1] The results of a survey conducted in the sample group of middle management in privately owned companies on the territory of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.