Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a point of intersection in a crossfunctional table. It shows employees what and how they can improve and how they can satisfy customer needs through that activity.
Crossfunctional table enables insight into the connection between work positions and their work performance interdependence.
Work performance is a result of work of a certain quality and quantity created within the limited time frame.
Work performance measurement is based on quantifiable factors linked clearly to relevant criteria. Work performance measurement is a process of identifying work result and it is done in a clearly defined way using measurement units.
Evaluating work performance means comparing planned and performed results.
Performance-related and worktime-related rewarding is a method of payment based on the  work done in a certain time period.
Seting up planned work performance is a process of mapping targeted performance in an entire organization.
Report on mapped work performance is a report that clearly informs how an organisation on all its levels creates value that leads to achieving strategic goals.
Goal management involves monitoring goal achievement and providing feedback, support and guidance to employees in the process of meeting targets.