Business processes in Manage Tools are grouped according to their purpose in functional modules:

           •   Managing  the efficiency of the company and its parts

           •   Variable reward models.

Between this modules there is close connection which can give specific functionalities:

           •  Dissociation of strategic goals from the top to the bottom and performance
              measurement from the bottom to the top - it enables the measurement
               of success at all levels of the organization  

           •  Organisational structer model is adapted to realistic way of work, supports
              managing through hierarchy and matric organization, which allows  and
              performance measurement, which  indirectly have impact on creation
              of results

           •  Connecting business plans with work performances and salaries, throughout
              the whole company- secures work effectiveness and calculation
              of variable earnings

           •  Measuring performance by tasks - allows  companies to measure and
              calculate the effects of work of employees working in more than one job

          •  Creating a model  of variable salaries for employees, according to
              the importance of tasks for the enterprise

          •   Evaluating the work done in a way that is understandable to workers,
               such a way of assessment increases objectivity,

          •   Calculation for part of salary according to work performance and time
              spent on work

          •  Records of employee data according to the Rules on the content and
             method of keeping records of podataka o  workers

          •   Reports

Manage Tools is excelent an software for managing the efficiency of business with remote locations.