Business operations are grouped according to their purpose into functional modules.

There is a close connection between the modules which provides the following functional characteristics:

    .   Connecting business plans, work performance and salaries

    .   Evaluating work performance according to task importance for the company

    .   Reducing labour cost percentage in difference in price

    .   Linking increasing salaries to increasing performance

    .   Identifying and engaging internal motivation of employees so that they

        can achieve assigned work plan

    .   Providing conditions for enabling directors to manage managers' work

        performance and enabling managers to manage employees' work performanc

    .   Providing conditions for managing shift work

    .   Data transfer from the existing company ERP into Manage Tools and

        from Manage Tools i nto existing company ERP.

Manage Tools BIS is Manage’s own solution which enables creating new functions and upgrading existing ones upon customer’s request.