Our client list includes companies from different countries.

Cooperation with our clients is not limited only to projects of implementing performance-related pay models, but it has grown into continuous cooperation which involves advisory and technical support services, as well as implementing new solutions in the field of work and remuneration improvement.

Our clients foster a corporate culture which promotes work performance transparency and improvement. Managerial staff serves as a role model for promoting implementing  performance-related pay model because their own remuneration directly depends on the increase/decrease in the work performance of their subordinates.

Our clients establish cause-effect relationship between corporate performance and employees' salaries. They trust and respect their employees, ask from them to be responsible for their individual performance, and pay them for it accordingly.

What our clients do

Our clients:

·   Produce and sell food, medicines, furniture, textile

·   Import and deliver goods through supply chains or distribute goods to
    other companies distribution centres

·    Provide health-care services

·    Provide IT services

·    Generate and distribute electical power

        .    Provide building services engineering

Some of our clients use system solution for defining key success indicators, creating and implementation of performance-related pay model by using Manage Tools BIS.

Some of them attend out seminars with the clear goal of increasing work effectiveness. Some of them engage our consultants to recruit managerial and professional staff.

But all our clients have one thing in common - they all benefit from Manage expertise and BIS support.

We look forward to cooperating with you.