The company Manage was founded in the year 2000. At the beginning, our company was registered as Consulting agency Manage, but in 2005 it was registered as a limited liability company.

At the time there was neither software solution for performance-related pay model nor systematic implementation of performance related salaries on the local market.

All-encompassing client support

Manage incorporated knowledge and experience from the most developed economies in the creating and development of Manage Tools software.

The software solution an extensive knowledge of performance-related pay model enables Manage to provide its clients with all-encompassing support in creating their own performance model and its implementation.

Unique solution for every business system

Performance-related pay models and training that Manage offers are customized and carefully adjusted to the needs of our clients' business organization.

Since  no two business systems are the same, there are no two performance-related pay models that are the same.

Our task is to integrate existing remuneration system, and new requirements for business process improvement into a unique solution for our clients.

After many years of scientific research and work on a large number of different projects, Manage has acquired knowledge that can be implemented in any field.

Service payment made easier

Manage, in agreement with its clients, divides the process of preparation and implementation of performance- related pay model into phases which have clearly defined objectives, deadlines and results.

In this way Manage stimulates development effectiveness and project implementation, and gives clients additional benefit of making payments easily.